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SmartDVB - Download

Un player / recorder pentru receptia DVB prin satelit , pe care merita sa il incercati, este SmartDVB.

Este relativ inca la inceput de drum, dar este un player stabil si rapid.

Permite de asemenea pluginuri, receptia HD si are si EPG.

Noi l-am testat pe un SlyStar 2 HD ( Mantis ) si a functionat ireprosabil.

Caracteristici complete:

Easy to use and user friendly interface .
Low footprint, fast operation with fast channel changing.
Supports Skystar 2 WDM and BDA-S/T/C and ATSC devices.
Includes a BlindScanner (as of 0.2.5 RC1) which also scans for channels (your blindscan card must be supported by the crazycat streamreader.dll blindscan interafce)
Supports SkyWalker devices used in North America for turbo-fec modulations.
Supports diseqc (depending on DVB device used) including motor support.
OSD (on-screen-display) which can also be used as a basic HTPC setup through remote.
DiSeqC support includes using cascaded switches setups (diseqc 1.1)
H264 and S2 support (through bda driver) so you can enjoy full HD channels.
You can create scheduled record tasks for your favorite tv programs .
Supports teletext and multi audio channel, including teletext subtitles.
Supports MD-API plugins.
Supports MPEG and TS record formats .
Supports Windows XP® ,Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating system .
Includes integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Supports timeshifting also for H264 channels.
Supports winlirc remotes and native remotes (depending on DVB device used)
Supports basic CI (Common interface)
Optimized EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) support
Favorite channel list so you can arrange your channels as you want
Remote channel list so you can arrange your channels for customized use with your remote
Snapshots so you can make an image in BMP format of the current channel
UDP streaming to other pc's using a UDP capable viewer like VLC.
Allows you to use multiple monitors in the fullscreen/application mode.
Customizable for usage in North America (scanner and epg parser)
Customizable input settings for keyboard or remotes.
DVB subtitles (not fully functional yet).
Download de aici Este full si gratuit si in acest moment este varianta 0.2.5.

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